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The Next Opportunity In The Cannabinoid Space, CBN

This month Benzinga published an article on reasons why CBN will be the next emerging cannabinoid, written by the chief operating officer and Somnus co-founder Guillaume Plante. For the last few years, CBD has taken the spotlight as a highly touted cannabinoid with a multitude of beneficial properties for consumers. Whether in tincture form, gummy, tea or water, CBD is sold in many forms currently available on the market today. But what about CBN? Let's take a deeper look at why CBN isn’t as well known and why it will soon be the next CBD.

Why CBN isn’t already well known?

1. Cannabinol, CBN for short, is a cannabinoid that is present in smaller quantities in cannabis and hemp. Since this is the case, the trace amounts make it harder to extract to quantities that are large enough for full doses to be inserted into products such as tincture, gummies and more. Since CBD has seen the spotlight for years now, many experts and consumers are starting to wonder what is next in the booming cannabis and hemp space. Somnus believes CBN is that answer. 
2. Research has proven that THC is a psychoactive compound that offers sedative effects. So what about CBN? CBN or Cannabinol is a THC by-product which offers the sedative properties without the heavy psychoactivity. Although research is still being conducted to better understand where CBN stands, some studies suggest that CBN is a non-psychoactive compound, while others state it may be mildly psychoactive.

Why should CBN be paid attention to?


1. In the United States alone it is estimated that nearly 50% of adults have trouble sleeping on a weekly basis. Sleep related problems such as insomnia, sleep deprivation and sleep apnea are on the rise in the United States. This is in part because of the growing imbalance between our work life balance, increased screen time and lack of prioritization for sleep. CBN products could potentially be one of the key answers to mitigate and address the growing trend of diminishing sleep in the United States. If consumers can benefit from a CBN product and improve daily productivity, value for consumers equates to a large business opportunity for entrepreneurs and their businesses.


Business Opportunity 

2. Similar to the CBD market, the CBN space will soon see large emerging players and sponsors getting involved who want to lead the charge in this up and coming industry. This will pave the way for additional support and resources to better understand the space and provide products for consumers who are looking for natural sleep aid options. 

A Natural Alternative

3. Lastly, a natural sleep aid product has a lot of potential in the United States because of the growing health and wellness trend that is driving many businesses to pivot or innovate to follow this movement. Taking a natural alternative to the standard pharmaceutical grade sleep aid could have many health benefits for those who opt for the former. 
Somnus is excited to be the first hemp derived CBN sleep aid product line on the market and to lead this emerging new trend. Somnus created value to its consumers by providing natural sleep aid alternatives for adults to benefit from and enjoy.
Read the full article HERE.