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The Link Between Sleep and Immunity

Somnus strongly believes that how you spend your time in bed is a key factor for living a healthy lifestyle. On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, slumber plays an essential role for your overall health. Somnus strongly believes this as well. If you want to be your best self everyday why not start the night before? Want to learn a few quick ways on how sleep affects your immune health? 

Why is sleep important for your immune system?

Sleep helps us rebuild parts of our body that have been exhausted from the day. One of the key pieces that are made when sleeping are Cytokines. What is a Cytokine? A Cytokine is a fundamental protein that helps address inflammation and infection in the body. Less sleep unfortunately leads  to a lessened Cytokine production in the body. Thus, your body can not repair itself as well without the proper sleep. This means when you are out and about your day you may actually be more susceptible to contracting a virus and getting sick because of your weakened immune system (Cytokine depletion). In short, sleep helps support your immune system by making you ready to combat inflammation and infections that viruses such as the flu and covid-19 can cause. 

What else can I do to not get sick?

For starters, washing your hands regularly with soap and water (purell if you don’t have access to soap) is highly recommended. This has been shown to decrease the risk of contracting a virus. By sleeping well, eating well and washing your hands regularly, if you do become ill you may have given your body and immune system a better chance to fight off the illness.

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