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The GrowthOP Says CBN Could Be The Next CBD

According to the Growth Op, tens of millions of American’s have sleep related problems and a great solution could be a natural sleep aid. Although in the early stages of research, the anecdotal accounts for the Cannabinol, known as CBN, as a sleep aid alternative are in and they are promising. 

Why opt for a natural sleep aid? 

Unlike many over the counter and pharmaceutical sleep aids that are not natural, Somnus uses CBN that is derived from the hemp plant. Furthermore, a lot of the nasty side effects that can occur from over the counter and pharmaceutical sleep aids, such as morning grogginess, habit forming qualities, the inclusion of melatonin and alcohol as well as other negative health side effects, may cease to exist or diminish when opting for a natural sleep aid alternative.

In today’s society, health and wellness is a priority for most consumers. Many people know that in order to live a healthy life three main pillars exist:

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Exercising regularly
  3. Achieving enough quality sleep.

Although most people focus on the first two, the latter is one of the most important to living a healthy lifestyle. 

Michele Ross, Ph.D., a neuroscientist, considers CBN to be the third most common cannabinoid behind THC and CBD. The reason cannabinoids affect our bodies is because we have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The cannabis and hemp plants ECS bind with our bodies ECS receptors to produce an effect when consumed. 

Why is CBN less common but potentially better for sleep than CBD or THC?

One of the reasons for why CBN is not widely known, used and available in products on the market today is due to the fact it is found in much smaller quantities when compared to THC and CBD. In an early study in 1980, it was purported that CBN had no real effects on cognitive or motor function. This means that unlike THC, which makes a user high when consumed, CBN’s effect may be more similar to CBD when taken. 

By using a key non-psychoactive ingredient in a consumer sleep aid, the doors are now open for those who do not want to get high, but desire to feel relaxed and calm in order to go to bed. While many products currently do not solely use CBN, like Somnus products do, some companies have started to combine CBN plus CBD or CBN plus THC. Combining cannabinoids may be beneficial, but for users who do not want to get high by using a product that contains THC, a CBD plus CBN combination or simply CBN based product may be the best option to achieve better sleep results. 

Somnus leads the sleep industry in CBN

As Somnus leads the charge in providing CBN based sleep products, it will be interesting to see how new CBN products emerge. The research will follow, but anecdotal evidence will be just as important to better understand the consumer’s results when taking these newly formulated products. 

Have trouble sleeping? Try a Somnus product and let us know how it has helped you achieve the sleep you deserve. 

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