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SOMNUS Makes Forbes

Somnus is paving the way for a new cannabinoid to shine. Cannabinol, known as CBN, has many beneficial properties, one in particular could be revolutionary. Its partially sedative property has tremendous potential for giving those with sleep deprivation a chance to take back control of their poor sleep pattern. According to the CDC over 80 million American adults sleep less than the recommended 7 hours a night. To best understand Somnus’s culture, why it was created, formulated, and by who, let's dive into this Forbes article with Somnus’s very own Chief Operating Officer and co-founder Guillaume Plante.

Guillaume, or as the Somnus family refers to him as, G, was born in Canada. Canada was the second country behind Uruguay to legalize marijuana federally. His involvement in the cannabis space started roughly 4 years ago as part of the extraction side of the industry and eventually led to Somnus.

Once the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, G, and his colleagues had a vison and saw an opportunity to provide value to consumers by formulating products derived from hemp instead of cannabis since marijuana was not and is still not legal at a federal level in the United States. Having done a sizable amount of research exploring “The Green Rush” for business solutions, they landed on Somnus. Having a deep understanding of the saturated trend for CBD products in the market place, pursuing one of the lesser known cannabinoids, CBN, just made sense. 

It’s no hazard G and his team are managing to tackle a startup in such a young industry. They are seasoned to the business world and the challenges of life. G gives us insight as part of the article on some of the key roadblocks they encountered and the solutions they are implementing to keep striving. The Somnus team shares an adapt and overcome mentality and believes in providing a clean viable solution to a severe problem within our communities. Their mission is to no longer take NO-Sleep for an answer while respecting the importance of a healthy mind and body. In the article in question G praises the important role his family and career path played in setting his business mindset, giving him the proper tools to succeed.

Somnus is the first hemp derived CBN brand in the United States and G along with the Somnus team are to thank for this. They are based out of Colorado where medical and recreational cannabis use is legal. Somnus is currently only available online, however the team is getting ready to expand by releasing their product line to the brick and mortar market.   

Want to learn more about G’s background and how Somnus came to be? Check out this article in Forbes to see how Somnus made their vision a reality.