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Somnus Increases Revenue by 4x, Emerges out of Stealth Mode

Today, we announced our launch out of stealth mode, that we quadrupled our revenue since introducing our initial product line in March and project a 1000% increase in revenue through the end of the year over sales to date.

“After our Q1 soft launch, we received overwhelmingly positive responses from vendors and consumers and attribute the 400% increase in sales to Joey Tipton tapping into Colorado’s retail space,” said Guillaume Plante, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Somnus. “At this point, we’ve only approached 10% of the Coloradoan territory, which presents a huge opportunity for our talented sales team to catapult Q4 sales through the New Year.”

About Cannabinol (CBN):

CBN is a cannabinoid that derives from the breakdown of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) molecules. It occurs naturally in the plant as it ages and is exposed to oxygen converting THC to CBN. The CBN compound does not offer a psychoactive response like THC.


Based in Vail, Colorado, Somnus is a leading CBN wellness company and the creator of premium and reliable hemp-derived all-natural products. Their mission is to promote a healthy, deep, restful sleep without creating that morning hangover feeling. Somnus is determined to no longer take NO-SLEEP for an answer while respecting the importance of a healthy mind and body. 

Check out the full news via the Associated Press.