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Promising News About Sleep and CBN From Chief Science Officer of Mary’s Medicinals

Although most of us know that sleep is vital for our overall mental and physical health, many still do not prioritize this activity daily. Unfortunately, putting sleep second has extreme health consequences that can be very devastating. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), it is estimated that over one third of Americans are sleep deprived. Not only does this mean you likely know someone who is currently sleep deprived, but even more so it may be you. 
The health risks associated with poor sleep are endless. A few major issues that are increased due to a lack of sleep are the development of chronic illnesses. These chronic illnesses can arise as obesity, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. Most of these chronic illnesses are preventable by living a healthy lifestyle.

What does it mean to live a healthy lifestyle?

In short living a healthy lifestyle includes:

  1. Eating health 
  2. Exercising regularly 
  3. Sleeping sufficiently (7 to 9 hours a night)
Somnus chose to focus on sleep because Somnus saw how big of an issue sleep was and the threat it posed to individuals overall health in the United States. By providing a healthier sleep aid alternative, Somnus wanted to align with consumers goals of living a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your health and wellbeing when trying to regain control of your sleep. Many sleep aids on the market today have ingredients such as melatonin and alcohol, which can have negative side effects. Somnus had the goal of creating a natural sleep aid alternative to let you take back control of your sleep.
Personal observations from Dr. Alex Capano, the Chief Science Officer at Ananda Hemp indicates how increased levels of CBN have helped improve patients' sleep related problems, a few being insomnia and restless leg syndrome. Since there aren’t many hemp derived CBN product options currently available on the market, the focus is still on CBD. This trend will seemingly change once a greater customer pool has access to and tries new CBN based products. 
If you are one of the many who has a few drinks before bed to achieve better sleep or smokes a bowl before bed in hopes of sleeping better, Somnus could be the non-psychoactive answer for you. By not getting you high, because Somnus uses CBN derived from hemp, Somnus has pledged to become a strong new contender in the sleep aid market. 
Know someone who has trouble sleeping? Tell them about Somnus because you might help them take control over the sleep they yearn for. Have trouble sleeping yourself? Try Somnus and let us know how you enjoyed sleeping like a baby. 
A better tomorrow starts today, sleep great with Somnus. 

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