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Find Better Sleep - 6 Tips For A Well Rested Lifestyle From The Mayo Clinic

At Somnus we are committed to the pursuit of a better night's sleep and healthy lifestyle for our customers. We believe that sleep is crucial to overall health and developed our products with this believe in mind. Unfortunately sleep doesn't come easy for everyone, but there are certain habits that can help you find the restful night's sleep and brighter next morning you've been looking for. 

We think that along with sleep aids, you can set yourself up for success by taking some sleep advice from experts. Below we've summarized 6 steps recommended by the Mayo Clinic for better sleep and given our own take on each. These may not cure insomnia or solve all your health concerns, but we believe these steps are an excellent start to a healthier lifestyle.

Somnus Sleep

 Sleep Tips:

1. Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.* - Good habits are generally formed with repetition, your body's sleep cycle is no different. Choose a sleep schedule that fits your lifestyle and stick to it. 

2. What You Put In Your Body Matters* - Pay close attention to your diet and how it affects your rest. We find it helpful to keep a meal log to track patterns between food and quality of rest. Everyone knows eating and drinking healthy is important, but everyone's body is different. Paying attention to your personal diet can help you find the best solution for you.

3. Create The Right Environment* - Think of your sleep environment as not only the physical place, but the state of mind you are in. These work hand in hand. A calm peaceful mind can be a reflection of the actions you take near bedtime. Try to create a relaxing physical place to sleep and enter the room with a calm mind.

4. Should You Nap?* - If you need to nap, limit the length time as to not interfere with your night's sleep. If you are working a night shift, adjust accordingly.

5. Stay Active* - Well, not at night, but you should maintain an active healthy lifestyle. 

6. Don't Worry Yourself Out of Sleep* - Worries keep people up at night and many of our customers site this as a major reason for trying Somnus. Try creating a list of tasks for the next day before you go to bed, instead of staying up thinking about what you have to accomplish the next day. Remember, every minute you are worrying is another minute you are not sleeping and becoming less prepared for the next day's tasks.

View the full article from the Mayo Clinic HERE.

*Always consult a medical professional before making changes that may effect your health. This article is purely optional and to be considered a replacement foro medical advice from a trained professional.