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Why Sleep Is Important To Health

Sleep is the pillar to living a healthy lifestyle. Subsequently, eating well consistently and regular exercise are also vital to one's overall health and wellbeing. In order to be healthy in the long run, consistency is key.

There are few things in life we all must do. Sleeping is one which has routinely been neglected in our modern-day lifestyles. Whether it’s work life balance, increasing screen time before bed, increased anxiety and stress or lack of outdoor exposure, poor sleep is a growing issue that can pose serious health implications if not managed before it is too late.

Why Somnus Was Created

SOMNUS was created after realizing that sleep deprivation is all too common among not only the older generations, but unfortunately young adults across the United states. SOMNUS has made it its mission to provide a clean, valuable solution for those who struggle to ease their mind, especially prior to sleeping.

What Is Revolutionary About Somnus Compared To Other Sleep Aids?

Most over and under the counter sleep aid options are designed to induce sleep artificially, however, end up creating additional side effects such as grogginess due to a chemical imbalance. SOMNUS specifically aimed to create an all-natural mind calming formulation which allows for a deeper more natural sleep without the hangover feeling. We want to change the stigma which is why we created a hemp derived CBN solution that does not force our consumers to sacrifice their health and wellbeing for sleep.

What You Need To Know About CBN And Our THC, Alcohol, and Melatonin Free Approach To Sleep

Hemp derived CBN or Cannabinol has many beneficial properties. Shown in early anecdotal studies one of CBN’s main benefits are its sedative effects. In addition to CBN being our key ingredient, SOMNUS is also composed of its own proprietary blend of herbs and flowers. We currently offer SOMNUS in gummies, tinctures and capsules which each containing 10mg of CBN per dose.

Another important factor that separates SOMNUS’ products from the majority of the industry, is the fact that they do not include THC, alcohol or melatonin. These ingredients are common in most current cannabis, hemp and pharmaceutical sleep aids which generally lead to negative side effects. We source our CBN from hemp in order to provide our consumers with a legal THC free over the counter solution. All SOMNUS products are 3rd party tested to ensure quality and consistency. This means when taking a SOMNUS product you can rest assured you will not encounter the psychoactive effects THC offers, also known as getting high.

Furthermore, while many people opt for melatonin based sleep aids, melatonin is an hormone naturally produced by the human body. Consistently supplementing with artificial melatonin is likely to create an imbalance in the user's body promoting that grogginess or hangover feeling after sleep. Restless nights have also been identified as a side effect.

And who wants restless nights? We know we definitely do not!

Good sleep is essential, but it can be hard to come by.

Know someone who struggles to sleep at night? Help them out by introducing them to SOMNUS. This might be the answer your friend has been looking for!

A better tomorrow starts with a good night of sleep!

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